Board of Management

The Board of Management is the central decision-making body of the Institute. It is composed of individuals from the management, representative from the University, senior faculty members, individuals from the industry. It evaluates the work, assesses needs and plans for the future. It ensures that all necessary infrastructure and staff requirements are accomplished without any delay. Academic and professional staff are committed to ensuring our Institute continues to meet the highest academic standards and remains true to its founding policies.

1. President

Shri Nanjibhai.R. Vekaria

2. Vice President

Shri Sureshbhai.N. Vekaria

3. Member

Haribhai Patel

4. Member

Sanjaybhai Ghiya

5. Member

Girishbhai Kotecha

6. Member

Girishbhai Kanjani

7. Member

Vinubhai Doshi

8. Member

Pankajbhai Patel

9. Member

Tej R. Vekaria