Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Junagadh Junior Chamber Education Trust was formed for establishing and maintaining educational quality in Saurashtra region of Gujarat for the benefit of the students. The mission is guiding the light in developing the education. The trust enters all the spheres of educational activity and continuously provides all round development to students and society.

Junagadh Junior Chamber Education Trust was formed in the year 1969 with the objective of promoting good education in the state of Gujarat. The trust is focused on providing quality education that fulfils the students and is career oriented. The trust ensures that students develop both academically and personally.

As Junagadh is a place far away from Ahmedabad, there was a need of professional colleges. The trust started various colleges imparting the course of Commerce, Law, BBA, MBA, Pharmacy, Integrated MBA and Diploma Engineering since 1969 to 2010 in the Saurashtra region. The vision is to become a premier center of academic and technological excellence.

Our Mission

Our institutes are committed to provide quality education and training by creating faculty resources with excellent infrastructure facilities. "Welfare of the Humanity" & Relief of Human sufferings are the primary concern & motto.

The trust continuously encourages teachers and students to excel in their subjects and contributes to the betterment.

The trust emphasizes on its faculty to engage in research, thus helping to improve their career prospects as well as raise the teaching levels at the college.

All the institutes of campus have optical fibre Wi-Fi internet connection of 20 MBPS with E. Journals subscription. Also hardbound copies of international journals and national journals are available for students’ knowledge. Class room teaching is done using LCD projectors and Over Head Projectors. Students use to give seminars on the research work which they envisage. Apart from classroom teaching, students visit industries regularly to learn various industrial problems and techniques.